Bettr Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

A Better Camera - Android App Review & Demo - HDR, Night, Sequence, Bracketing, & More!

A Better Camera combines all the best features of the latest cameras into one app making it one of the best camera apps available for Android! Get A Better ...

Better Notifications with C Notice – Android App Review

In the past we have reviewed a lot of the “C Series” of applications from an XDA Recognized Developer. We talked about C Locker, C Floating and C Widget.

Fast For Facebook - Android App Review - A Much Better Facebook Experience Learn your phone and find fun apps!!

A Better Camera for Android Phones- Review

"A Better Camera" is a new camera app for Android phone with tons of features you would want to see in a camera app. Here is a quick review of the app.

Better Open With Android App Review

A handy app for deciding default apps to deal with file types.

Switchr lets you better manage multiple apps -- Android App Review

Many of us have been using computers longer than we can remember. The dominate operating system for the longest time was Windows and one thing ...

5 Android Apps Better Than Stock

Google's stock apps for Android are already great, but there are a lot of powerful alternatives out there. What are some that you use? Read more on ...

MapFactor GPS Navigation - App Review - A Better Navigation Experience Learn your phone and find fun apps!!

Runtastic Sleep Better App

FREE Sleep Better App ▷ ▷ Sleep Better − Smart Alarm Clock, Sleeping Cycle, Dream ...

Pixlr-o-matic (better than Instagram) Photo Editing for Android App Review

I know Instagram is all the rage these days, but for quick and complete photo transformation, Pixlr-o-matic is better, and since you can share photos from ...

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